Friday, August 24, 2012

Mystery of a chaotic mind....

I am baffled, yes I am bewildered!
Leaving my abode thinking of the unthinkable
I don’t know what really matters now
It seems that all the time I am in trouble
Speculations keep on blocking my inner peace
I don’t know, I don’t understand!
I just want to see the real world I am wishing one day
A world that is chaos free, where happiness is limitless
I wonder where I could find that
I am a fan of Langdon, yes, Robert Langdon
I have always wished I can be as clever and smart as him
A mind that can unlock the possibilities,
Eagerness to decipher those ancient mysteries and puzzled wonders
I want to have his hyper mind to unbolt the mysterious world I am looking for
But his identity is unreal,
He is just a pure reflection of what I want to become
He is more into adventures and mine deal with emotions
Though I’m posses with his passions the real fight is within me
I yield all the possibilities but still I can’t manage
Langdon is my deity but God is my refuge,
Deliberately, he instill my mind that possibilities can be unlock
But God promise me that occurrence of my world is within my existence.
The truth is I am WEAK!
Weaker than those suffered from uncured diseases,
for so many years fighting and thinking for possibilities of life
Still I consider myself a great FAILURE!
Yes I have failed!
I have seen all the disappointments around me
From my loved ones to my opponents
I am certain that there will be no triumph in my being
I was born to letdown the people who simply try to back me up
And this is the truth I am trying to cease
Pursuing to unlock the mystery is still within me
I still desire to hold on, and can cope with risks
And can struggle for the feat,
Yet still, I am hanging for a moment!

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