Thursday, February 14, 2013


I know I am big concern to your heartaches and pain
And somewhat a causal factor to your endless fear when I came
I have swear you that I will grow to be a man you want me to become
And I have proven it since the day we converted into one.

But ‘til now I wasn’t able to give you those impressive things
And can’t even showered you with wealth and fame
I used to say and assure you that I will be a perfect partner
But seems I was born to become your sinister.

I can sense your defeat of being with me
Your hope cease as you dare to go along my way
Being a wife of a childish mate is not an easy one
Your misfortunes and sacrifices will never be done

But in between the silence of my lopsided life
You put of the light that really shines in my sight
All this foolishness whirling around my empty mind
Vanished as you put a radiance that no other woman can design

In between the silence I become an apologetic man
Asking for your forgiveness for all the dreadful things I have done
Praying that every day I will become that someone
And a culpable husband that you can depend upon

As your companion in this gloomy humankind
Rest assured that I will become the ally that in this world you cannot find
I maybe not a just right in your sight, but I always feel this incessant love
A love that is rare and that only you I am willing to bestow forever and for life!


Friday, August 24, 2012

Mystery of a chaotic mind....

I am baffled, yes I am bewildered!
Leaving my abode thinking of the unthinkable
I don’t know what really matters now
It seems that all the time I am in trouble
Speculations keep on blocking my inner peace
I don’t know, I don’t understand!
I just want to see the real world I am wishing one day
A world that is chaos free, where happiness is limitless
I wonder where I could find that
I am a fan of Langdon, yes, Robert Langdon
I have always wished I can be as clever and smart as him
A mind that can unlock the possibilities,
Eagerness to decipher those ancient mysteries and puzzled wonders
I want to have his hyper mind to unbolt the mysterious world I am looking for
But his identity is unreal,
He is just a pure reflection of what I want to become
He is more into adventures and mine deal with emotions
Though I’m posses with his passions the real fight is within me
I yield all the possibilities but still I can’t manage
Langdon is my deity but God is my refuge,
Deliberately, he instill my mind that possibilities can be unlock
But God promise me that occurrence of my world is within my existence.
The truth is I am WEAK!
Weaker than those suffered from uncured diseases,
for so many years fighting and thinking for possibilities of life
Still I consider myself a great FAILURE!
Yes I have failed!
I have seen all the disappointments around me
From my loved ones to my opponents
I am certain that there will be no triumph in my being
I was born to letdown the people who simply try to back me up
And this is the truth I am trying to cease
Pursuing to unlock the mystery is still within me
I still desire to hold on, and can cope with risks
And can struggle for the feat,
Yet still, I am hanging for a moment!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

"Ako ang Pinakaanindot Mo nga Sayop"

sayop man ang matawag sa paghigugma mo kanako
ug nga ako usa ka dakong malas nga naabot sa kinabuhi mo
apan ako mao ang gihigugma ug pinili mo
bisan uyugon pa ang tibook kalibutan
ako gihapon ang imong gitagan-an
sa gugma mo nga inampingan
sa kadaghan nga sayop nga naagian mo       
ako siguro ang pinakaanindot nga nahitabo
tungod kanako ikaw nakahimo
sa pagsupak sa ilang mga gusto
gitumanan mo ang imong ka pritso
bisan gitamay ka na ug todo'
ug gidagmalan ka na sa imong ginikanan
imo gihapon gitumanan gugma nga hilabihan
ako ang pinakaanindto nga sayop nga nahimo mo
tungod kanako nakat-on ka sa pagbarog
sa kaugalingon mo nga katungod
nahibal-an mo nga ang kalibutan dili lamang para sa imong kalampusan
nga anaa usab diay kapakyasan nga angay mo nga malabyan
nasayran mo nga ang tawo dili mabuhi pinaagi sa salapi lamang
ug imong nakat-unan ang mahigugma ug hilabihan
sa tawong dili pareha kanimo ug kahimtang
Ako ang pinakaanindot mo nga sayop!
tungod kanako na himsog ang panabot mo
imong giguba ang dakong ali nga sa pagka inusente nga imong nahimutangan
ug karon atong atubangon ang giguba nga kaugmaon
kita mag-unong sa kalipay ug sa kawad-on
ug sa tanan atong isugilon 
nga ang usa ka sayop dili angay hilakan ug basulan
kay mao kini ang damlag aron dili mabutahan
niining kalibutan sa kaalam ug kabuang.


Saturday, November 19, 2011

.... they are precious to me....

I have always believed that every words uttered by our mere tongue conveys a sense of fact and that in each emotions that we try to extend there’s an ideal truthfulness. 

As a man with infinite imagination, I use to conceive a world beyond my world, and instigate my thought that what’s happening now is a creation of visible future set by uncontaminated childish observation. 

My concept in life is more on fantasy rather than reality since at an early age exposure to whimsical and bizarre stories were being implanted in my young and naive thoughts.  
But reality speaks the truth!

As we grow older we then understand that living in a world of fantasy is not what we are meant to be, that having a child like mind is of no use if we deal on the actualities.   

And now as an untainted pledge father I have grasped the certainty that I can construct a new existence and shape a dynasty without entering the realm of illusory. 

I am very gratified of what I have become now. 

I am a very blissful man! Yes, I indeed a blessed human being! 

Our sole creator granted me not only a very loving and understanding spouse (My wife) but also sprinkled me with a cutest tot (my baby DX). 

And now contentment is all I have,

I evade to fantasize and continue to apprehend the plans that God may pour on us as we continue to stride the virtual paths of life!

And Here they are… my Real Happiness... they are precious to me....

Thursday, August 4, 2011

"Pawala sa Kaguol"

dili ko gusto ug agik-ik
gusto ko ug buhakhak
lisod ning katawa nga pinugngan
gustong ipabuhagay apan inalihan

kalagot ning aligutgut sa dughan oi
labi na ning anaa kay hunahunaon
unsaon pag sulbad sa giatubang nga dag-om
dili ka na hinoon makakatawa ug way pugong-pugong

ngano man sad ning utok nga dili man kabalo mulikay
dili kabalo mo atraka ug mo kontra
pasagdan na lang nga mapukan ang alimpatakan
ug daug-daugon ang ganghaan sa dughan


lupigon sa katalaw ang kaisog
ilabi na ug dili magka sinati ang hunahuna ug pagbati
pastilan gayod ning kahadlok
tungod sa walay kaisog ang katawa dili na mapabuhagay...

mao na ni ron, unsa kahay angay buhaton
aron kining hunahuna mahilom
ug mubalik ang pahiyon ug ka malipayon
mawagtang na unta kining maong lagtom sa kaguol...

Friday, February 11, 2011


I cant imagine how my life would be
If my obsession will cease and I can no longer see
a beauty that first I think was just a pure fantasy
and never will come into reality.

I was a once a naïve and plain
Enjoying every moment that comes from within
A boy without any complication
In which contentment is the sole weapon

I use to have an ample flight of imagination
Bringing my thoughts into unusual exploration
A notion that only a guiltless being can assume
And can touch the world of the so called vision

And the age of the unknown is now doomed
the inner sensation was raze by coming of this obsession
a diverse gravity is pulling me towards her  core
that generates  the feeling of disorder and obscure

suddenly the era of maturity comes my way
it trained me how to be concerned deliberately
confusion now vanish as a young mind has been released
and unfasten the fancies and geared up to be obsessed

she let me go through her world of actuality
and unwrapped my mind from the habitat of fantasy
errands of my heart and mind now rhymed
upon the influx of this woman of a great kind

and  into her I am now fully obsessed
anticipating the right time for her to possess
I am now determined to own her truly
Because she captures my heart entirely

Behold the ageless time now comes to end
With a delighted heart she and I will gonna spend
The everlasting love that replaces the indestructible pain
And we will structured a fortress that the two of us only reign

She is my Obsession and my priceless Possession.

Monday, January 24, 2011


As i face another glimpse of the day
I always feel your sweet embrace wrapped
around my entire being
I hear soft angelic voice as you whisper my ear
That beautiful face makes my day complete
Your eyes are my windows to heaven,
Your red soft lips the stairway to my paradise
Your body is my wonderland.
You captures my inner feeling
Feeling that is fulfilling
You're my one and only star that shines above the sky
that fills glad to my empty heart
There is nothing like you that I dearly loved.
But sad to say we are miles away
You are from north and I am from south
But that will never stop me from loving you
'coz no matter how far we are
You will always remain
as the one I will admire for the rest of my life.

When can I see you?
When can I touch you?
What should I do to be near with you?
You're the world of mine
in you I found the one,
You are my JANE
and I am your TARZAN
If only I have the power to make you see
what's really is inside of me,
you will fine the true love and endless affection
of a certain ROMEO who is willing to die
for the sake of a beautiful JULIET.
If only I have the magic blanket of ALLADIN
I will surely steal you my lovely JASMINE
We will sour up in the sky
like a skyline pigeon that freely fly
We will share the love we have in the clouds
we will find the milky ways with lots of love
You will ve crowned as the QUEEN of the galaxy
and I will be honored as the KING of the universe.
We will rise up in the sky
because you are my LANA LANG
and I am your SUPERMAN......

nagdamgo lang.......